Proudly Celebrating Over 14 Years Of Unique, Exquisite, Design & Craftsmanship!
Praccessorii the brand label of RAVE has been in existence for over 15 years. RAVE has built a loyal and enviable clientele across India, North America, Canada and the Middle East. The brain child of a successful doctor, who after running a successful lab enterprise for over 30 years, decided that she wanted to explore her artistic side. And what a journey it has been – from the state-of-the-art path lab to the small artisan workshops hidden in the narrow lanes of Jaipur, Jodhpur & Bikaner and beyond. Praccessorii tries to draw on the highly skilled artisan sector of India-from the highly skilled embroiderer, to the superbly talented jewellery maker, to the talented indigo dyers and tie and dye artisans to the master craftsman who deftly hand makes bags.

In these travels Venoo ji (as she is fondly called by all of her clients)has identified and nurtured artisans of all genre to create unique and beautiful designs. She has, in the Praccessorii portfolio, jewels (precious as well as prêt wear) crafted with precision and passion, stoles & party bags , wedding and festival gifts that are traditional and trendy at the same time. Praccessorii is proud to be visible on the shelves of Jaypore, Myntra, Pernia, Elahe,Ashni & Co and more recently Tata Cliq and Nykaa.Despite this,they will still offer you personalised service, designing items as per your unique requirement and need.

Praccessorii offers you a unique opportunity to draw upon the cultural and artisan heritage of India and marry it with the style of the 21st century, giving you the ability to create and accentuate your own unique style – Praccessorii is as unique, as beautiful and as stunning as the modern woman!